Meeting rooms

There are two meeting rooms available at COFFICE. You can rent per hour, per half-day or a full day. PRICES: per hour: 400 sek half-day (8-12 or 9-13, 12-16 or 13-17): 1280 sek whole-day: (8-16 or 9-17): 2000 sek


The tiled walls could be used as a whiteboard and a projector can be booked in advance. Free WiFi For up to 10 guests

Mötesrummet Tjärhovsgatan TJARHOVSG  


A chalkboard wall to write on. Projector available. Free WiFi   For up to 6 guests Mötesrum Östgötagatan OSTGOTAG


This is the room for bigger groups, or for those who like to have ample space. The rooms have space for up to 30 people and is suitable for workshops/seminaries. It is also suitable for board meetings etc.

Projector and projector screen are included. PRICES: per hour: 800 sek half day: 2500 sek whole day: 5500 sek

These seatings are available:

DSC_7135 Café

DSC_7183 Cinema

DSC_7153 Board meeting

Available days you’ll find in the calendar below: