If you feel comfortable here and want to feel even more at home, you can become a member. As a member you get access to a range of services that makes it even easier to work at COFFICE.   

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Here’s what some of the members says about the environment at COFFICE

“Anyone who is self-employed or a student is nurtured in his job by the pulse of COFFICE.
It is open for anyone who wants a functioning office without all the boring stuff
(as cold fluorescent lights, long hallways and closed doors) and enjoys good coffee “

Cathereine Koff, journalist.

“I think it’s cool there are so many professionals here, in one place.
The flow of people and the openness of the street make new blood enter and that makes it exciting to be here.
That together with a good working environment help me work effective here. ”
Magnus Norrman, consultant in sustainability and CSR.


We have room for 12 lounge members at COFFICE.
This is what you get:

• Precendence to the work spots in the lounge

• Co-working, networks, inspiration, corporate activities

• Access to the kitchen

• Locker in the kitchen

• Free coffee/tea and fresh fruit in the kitchen

• Free prints and access to a copy machine/scanner

• Availabe room for telephone/skype

• 20 % of all hot beverages in the coffee bar

• 50% off when booking meeting rooms


Charge for members

1700kr/month (ex. tax) You sign 3 months ahead. Total price for 3 months are 5100kr (ex tax). application is binding.

For more information please contact COFFICE:
08-462 95 50